Emily Rice

Women in STEM
Emily Rice

Specialty: Astronomy and Astrophysics

Major Contributions:

Co-founder of STARtoralist

Created Content for Cosmic Discoveries App

Founding member of Brown Dwarf – New York City Collaboration

Image Courtesy of STARtorialist

Interested in finding the best “space-y” fashion out there? Then look no further than STARtorialist, a blog described as where science meets fashion and scientists get fabulous! The site is the creation of two professional astronomers Emily Rice and Summer Ash.

Dr. Emily Rice has earned degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and UCLA, where in 2009 she was awarded a Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics. For her post-doctoral research, she worked alongside Rebecca Oppenheimer for two years at the American Museum of Natural History. Her work at the museum has continued, as she is currently a research associate, and her focus is on the astrophysical properties of the lowest mass stars, brown dwarfs and gas giants around nearby stars.  To study the physical properties of these gas giants she uses observational and synthetic spectroscopy, which is the study of the interaction of matter and electromagnetic radiation. 

Rice is also an associate professor of astronomy and physics at the Macaulay Honors College (City University of New York) and a faculty member in Physics at the CUNY Graduate Center.

As part of her work with brown dwarfs she is a founding member of the Brown Dwarf – New York City collaboration, which is a local research group focused on these objects which are too large to be planets but too small to be stars. Her interest is in how the atmospheric properties affect the spectra of these objects.

She is a co-author of Astronomy Labs: A Concept Oriented Approach, a lab manual for introductory astronomy, as well as authoring more than forty scientific papers. As part of her commitment to bringing science to the public she has been a content advisor for Science Bulletins from the AMNH, created content for the iPhone App Cosmic Discoveries and gives presentations at the Hayden Planetarium.  And if you are in New York City you might just find her alter ego, DJ Carly Sagan, hosting an Astronomy on Tap event designed to bring science to the masses in an accessible and engaging way.

Oh, and that blog mentioned at the beginning? It has morphed into an actual online shop filled with an amazing array of accurate and stylish science themed products.

Written by Angela Goad


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