Introductions Necessary is a daily podcast presenting a brief introduction to notable women and their contributions to STEM fields both throughout history and in the modern day. From mathematicians in ancient Greece to the women who may head to Mars, we celebrate the work, discoveries, and inventions that women have contributed to our world.

A note about our images: This is a project designed to show that many different women have been involved in STEM fields so that any young person who is looking for a role model might find someone that looks like them. This makes it important to us that whenever possible, we include an picture of the woman being featured on both the webpage and in the podcast art. We always make every attempt to use either public domain or creative commons licensed images. When that is not available, we may use photos that are posted to professional pages such as university staff directors or LinkedIn. All images should have a proper image credit and a link back to the source available on our webpage, as well as written credit in the episode description. These images are for educational and illustration purposes only. Copyright holders can contact us about our use of their images via email. If you have been featured on our podcast, we would also be happy to update your photo at your request.

We reserve all of the rights to our logo artwork, scripts, episode audio, and website content. All of our scripts were fact checked and updated in 2024.