Looking Ahead: Season Two

Announcing Introductions Necessary: Above The Line.

First and foremost, we will still be celebrating the accomplishments of visionary women. But for season two we’ll be turning our gaze to women in the film industry who are working as writers, producers, and/or directors. These women are helping to tell stories, both fictional and factual, that can and have changed the world and they don’t get nearly the credit they deserve.

Press Release: 100 Episodes


Daily podcast featuring women in STEM fields has released episodes featuring 100 biographies of women throughout history who have shaped our world.

The one hundred women profiled have included the earliest computer programmers, women who have created and discovered elements, and scientists changing our understanding of both animals and ourselves.

From Zero to Sixty

February 29th, Leap Day, was the 60th day of 2016. Which means that Monday was also a big milestone for our podcast: our 60th episode.

That means we’ve featured 60 women, and have produced 2.5 hours of content. There are women from many walks of STEM to choose from and learn about, and it’s only going to get better as the year goes on.