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Katherine Johnson

Meet Katherine Johnson, a mathematician involved in many of American’s greatest achievements during the space race.

Hedy Lamarr

If you’re listening to this podcast on a wireless network, you have actress Hedy Lamarr to thank.

Susan Helms

Astronaut Susan Helms holds a record for the longest spacewalk at 8 hours and 56 minutes. Learn more about her NASA career in today’s episode.

Maria Telkes

Today meet the mother of the solar home, Maria Telkes.

Sophie Germain

French women weren’t allowed to study mathematics in the late 18th century, but that didn’t stop Sophie Germain from pursuing a passion for numbers.

Kathryn S. McKinley

Kathryn S. McKinley is a computer scientist who likes “to focus on practical problems,” and has helped create solutions that have had a major impact on modern computing.

Gladys Hobby

During World War II, the mass production of penicillin changed the world. Gladys Hobby was one of the scientists who made that possible.

Rosaly Lopes

Today, we meet Rosaly Lopes, a planetary geologist who can tell you all about the various volcanoes of our solar system.

Leona Marshall Libby

Today we would like you to meet Leona Marshall Libby, one of the women who worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II.

Margaret Morse Nice

Have you met Margaret Morse Nice? Nice was an ornithologist and the author of “Studies in the Life History of the Song Sparrow.”

Florence Merriam Bailey

January 5th is National Bird Day in the U.S., so we’d like to introduce you to Florence Merriam Bailey, an influential ornithologist.

Jennifer Harris Trosper

On January 4, 2004, NASA’s Spirit Rover touched down on Mars. Today I’d like you to meet one of the scientists behind that extraordinary mission, NASA Deputy Project Manager Jennifer Harris Trosper.