Season Two: The Reboot

We are currently rerecording and remastering all of our episodes, starting with Season One: Women in STEM. Those episodes are being released daily throughout 2024.

As we focus on that work, we are also working on the plan for reviving and completing Season Two: Above the Line. At the moment, those episodes are unavailable until they can be updated and rerecorded. When completed, there should be 50 episodes.

Season Two focuses on women working behind the scenes in film and video production in “above the line” positions: screenwriters, directors, and producers, and casting directors. If you would like to suggest your favorite filmmaker to be featured in an episode, please email

We really want to make sure that this season is finished and created with the care and attention that it deserves. To do that, we need your support. So please consider visiting our Patreon and becoming a member. It also would be helpful to recommend the podcast to your friends and review it.

Thanks for listening!