Temple Grandin

Today is World Autism Day and we would like to introduce you to Dr. Temple Grandin who is not only an expert at designing cattle management facilities but is also a prominent author and speaker on autism.

Anandi Gopal Joshi

Today we meet the first Indian woman to study Western medicine, Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi.

Susan L. Solomon

Today, we’d like to introduce the co-founder of the New York Stem Cell Foundation, Susan Solomon.

Ruth Benerito

The invention of wrinkle free cotton fabrics helped saved an industry, and we all have Ruth Benerito to thank.

Cornelia Bargmann

Driven to become a scientist by a love of labs, the building of things with one’s own hands, and learning what no one else knows; neurobiologist Cornelia Bargmann uses simple roundworms to study complex neuron pathways.

Alice Hamilton

Alice Hamilton chose medicine so that she could “be of use anywhere.” She used her skills to help usher in sweeping changes in worker’s safety throughout the U.S.

Ellen Stofan

To celebrate the discovery of Saturn’s moon Titan, we will meet Chief NASA Scientist that has a plan to explore Titan – by boat!

Tess Russo

Different areas of the world face a variety of problems with their water supplies, and hydrogeologists like Tess Russo are trying to solve them.

Kathryn “Kitty” Hach Darrow

For World Water Day, we’re learning about a woman who helped use chemistry to bring clean water to the world.

Antonia Maury

Antonia Maury was one of the Harvard “computers,” women who were pioneers in astronomy.

Maud Lenora Menten

Today we celebrate one of the first female doctors born in Canada was also a pioneer in enzyme kinetics and histochemistry, Maud Leonora Menten.

Susana Martinez-Conde

On most days, neuroscientist Susana Martinez-Conde works with other scientists. On others, she’s teaming up with magicians and sleight of hand experts.

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