Kathyrn Sullivan

The first American woman to walk in space, Kathryn Sullivan is now the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans & Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator.

Melanie Holland

Dr. Melanie Holland planned on being a biochemist but spending her junior year on a Sea Education Association Sea Semester opened her eyes to the possibility of doing science on a boat – and she changed her plan and became an oceanographer.

Dawn J. Wright

Dr. Dawn Wright has traveled to 38 countries and has completed oceanographic fieldwork in geologically active regions including the East Pacific Rise, The Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Tonga Trench. Oh, and this Chief Scientist at the Environmental Systems Research Institute is a self-professed Lego Maniac!

Ashanti Johnson

The first African-American to earn a degree in marine science from Texas A&M, Dr. Ashanti Johnson has loved the ocean since an early age.

Edith Widder

Dr. Edith Widder is an oceanographer, bioluminescence expert, a certified Scientific Research Pilot for Atmospheric Diving Systems, and an inventor.

Caroline M. Solomon

The recipient of Gallaudet University’s 2013 Distinguished Faculty Award, Dr. Caroline M Solomon has a passion for teaching and can’t imagine doing anything else.