Patricia Bath

As the first African American woman to be granted a patent for a medical purpose Dr. Patricia Bath has dedicated her career to protecting and improving the eye sight of all people.

Chiaki Mukai

Dr. Chiaki Mukai was already an established cardiac surgeon when she became the first Japanese woman to go to space.

Mary Edwards Walker

Mary Walker trained as a surgeon, volunteered for the Union Army in the Civil War, and is the only woman to have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Dorothy Horstmann

It was believed that the polio virus directly attacked the central nervous system until Dr. Dorothy Horstmann made a ground breaking discovery about the mechanism involved with the spread of Polio in the body.

Barbara Rothbaum

Dr. Barbara Rothbaum is a pioneer in the use of virtual reality exposure therapy for the treatment of various psychological disorders, focusing primarily on PTSD.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Male students petitioned to have Elizabeth Garrett removed from their school, but she still went on to become Britain’s first female physician.

Helen B. Taussig

Dr. Helen Taussig helped found the field of pediatric cardiology after a childhood struggle with dyslexia.

Dorothy H. Andersen

As the first to recognize cystic fibrosis as a disease, Dr. Dorothy H. Andersen changed the lives of people with this condition.

Florence Nightingale

You might think you know the story of Florence Nightingale as a pioneer in the nursing profession, but did you know she was also a brilliant statistician?

Anandi Gopal Joshi

Today we meet the first Indian woman to study Western medicine, Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi.

Alice Hamilton

Alice Hamilton chose medicine so that she could “be of use anywhere.” She used her skills to help usher in sweeping changes in worker’s safety throughout the U.S.

Maud Lenora Menten

Today we celebrate one of the first female doctors born in Canada was also a pioneer in enzyme kinetics and histochemistry, Maud Leonora Menten.

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