Kristine Larsen

Dr. Kristine Larsen is an astronomer that uses popular culture to draw people into the sciences and has written books and journal articles on these topics and in 2017 will publish a book focused on women who popularized geology in the 19th Century.

Dorothy Hill

Not only did Dr. Dorothy Hill do her own meticulous research in many of the fields within the discipline of geology but she also led the charge in standardizing the research and field work done by her colleagues in the Australian scientific community.

Dawn J. Wright

Dr. Dawn Wright has traveled to 38 countries and has completed oceanographic fieldwork in geologically active regions including the East Pacific Rise, The Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Tonga Trench. Oh, and this Chief Scientist at the Environmental Systems Research Institute is a self-professed Lego Maniac!

Florence Bascom

Dr. Florence Bascom worked for the U.S. Geological Survey and founded the geology program at Bryn Mawr College.

Marie Tharp

World Ocean Day is observed on June 8th so today we would like to introduce you to the woman who created the first physiographic maps of the sea floor and co-discovered of the backbone of the Earth.

Ellen Stofan

To celebrate the discovery of Saturn’s moon Titan, we will meet Chief NASA Scientist that has a plan to explore Titan – by boat!

Isabel Bassett Wasson

Today is the anniversary of the founding of Yellowstone, the world’s first national park. And it’s first female ranger was Isabel Basset Wasson.

Rosaly Lopes

Today, we meet Rosaly Lopes, a planetary geologist who can tell you all about the various volcanoes of our solar system.