Jade Raymond

If you are a fan of the first Assassin’s Creed game or played the SIMS online, you have programmer and producer Jade Raymond to thank.

Carol Shaw

Carol Shaw pursued a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Computers at the University of California, Berkeley. She then earned a master’s degree in computer science. This was unprecedented in the 1970s, Shaw said she ignored implicit gender barriers and pursued what came to her naturally.

Kim Swift

On October 9th, 2007 gamers were introduced to a test subject named Chell and the sardonic robot GLaDOS. The puzzle game Portal was a surprise hit, and it’s development was led by game designer Kim Swift. Cake will be available at the conclusion of this podcast.

Carla Meninsky

Hired by the gaming company Atari in 1980, Carla Meninsky designed award winning games before pursuing a career in law.