Marla Spivak

In 2010 Dr. Marla Spival was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship grant which she used to help found the Bee Squad – a group that helps beekeepers and the community in the Twin Cities are of Minnesota to foster healthy bee populations and pollinator landscapes through education and hands-on mentorships.

Grace Olive Wiley

Grace Wiley believed that with the right methods even the most deadly snakes could be tamed and by speaking to them and handling them with her bare hands she claimed to have tamed over 300 venomous snakes during her career.

Maria Sibylla Merian

The guild rules of Europe during her lifetime did not allow women to paint with oils, but that didn’t stop Maria Sibylla Merian from creating scientific illustrations of insects documenting their life cycles.

Deborah Gordon

Think ants are pests that you wish would just go away? Not so fast, Dr. Deborah Gordon thinks that we as humans have a lot to learn from these efficient foragers.