Hertha Ayrton

When it was suggested that Marie Curie’s husband had actually been the one to discover the element radium Hertha Ayrton, a friend and colleague, quickly and publicly came to Curie’s defense stating, “errors are notoriously hard to kill, but an error that ascribes to a man what was actually the work of a woman has more lives than a cat.” And she would know as she often faced the same misattribution of credit being given to her husband.

Christine Darden

Dr. Christine Darden has said of her success as an engineer at NASA, “I was able to stand on the shoulders of those women who came before me, and women who came after me were able to stand on mine.” Learn more about the contributions this aerospace engineer on today’s podcast.

Dorothy “Dottie” Lee

Dorothy “Dottie” Lee made her way in a male dominated field to build a celebrated career at NASA.

Gilda Barabino

While working on her doctorate, Dr. Gilda Barabino wanted a career that allowed her to use her education and knowledge to help people, but didn’t want to go the clinical medicine route.

Mica Endsley

Dr. Mica Endsley was the first woman to serve as the Chief Scientist of the United States Air Force.

Karen L. Nyberg

On June 2, 2008, astronaut Karen L. Nyberg arrived at the International Space Station for the first time, while it was still under construction.

Virginia Tucker

Virginia Tucker was one of five women hired into the “computer pool” at the NACA, before leading the human computers at NASA.

Carla Meninsky

Hired by the gaming company Atari in 1980, Carla Meninsky designed award winning games before pursuing a career in law.

Michelle K. Lee

As the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle K. Lee serves as principal advisor to the President of the United States on domestic and international intellectual property policy matters.

Vanessa Aponte

Dr. Vanessa Aponte has used a systems engineering approach to bridge her interests in chemical engineering and space travel.

Noramay Cadena

This Mother’s Day we celebrate an engineer who earned her degree at MIT while raising her daughter as a single mom, Noramay Cadena.

Marleen Sundgaard

Marleen Martinez Sundgaard knew from the age of five she wanted to be an astronaut and has pursued that dream with great drive and passion.

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