Margaret Lowman

The author of over 100 peer reviewed scientific papers and 10 books on forest conservation, Dr. Margaret Lowman has earned her title as Canopy Meg.

Ruth Patrick

Dr. Ruth Patrick contributions to ecology are numerous and include the initiation of the creation of the New Taxon file for the classification of diatoms and the Literature Citation File as a record of the scientific publication pertaining to existing as well as newly named diatoms.

Ellen Swallow Richards

Noticing a lack of formal laboratory training for women in scientific fields, Ellen Swallow Richards brokered a deal between MIT and the Women’s Education Association of Boston to have a dedicated lab space built and equipped in 1875.

Marti J. Anderson

A rare combination of what she considers two very different style disciplines, Dr. Marti J. Anderson has found her place bringing together the worlds of ecology and statistical analysis.