Jade Raymond

If you are a fan of the first Assassin’s Creed game or played the SIMS online, you have programmer and producer Jade Raymond to thank.

Kimberly Bryant

While African-American, Latina, and Native American women are considered prolific users of technology only around 3 percent of high-tech jobs are filled by African-American women. Kimberly Bryant wants to move this group from being seen as simply consumers of technology to being its creators.

Annie Easley

From a young age, Annie Easley’s mother had told her that she could be anything she wanted, but she would have to work for it. She became a human computer and then computer programmer.

Ada Lovelace

Today we’re celebrating Ada Lovelace Day by introducing you to the Countess of Lovelace and the woman who may have been the first computer programmer.

Barbara Liskov

Dr. Barbara Liskov was recipient of the 2008 Turing Award for contributions to practical and theoretical foundations of programming language and system design and she led the design and implementation of the CLU programming language.

Erna Schneider Hoover

Dr. Erna Hoover has been quoted as saying that, “when I was hired the glass ceiling was somewhere between the basement and the sub-basement.” But that didn’t stop her from developing a program that would change the way telephone systems operated and being awarded one of the first patents for computer software.

Margaret Hamilton

July 21st marks the anniversary of man first stepping on the moon and the software that made it possible was created by a team lead by Margaret Hamilton.

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

One June 7, 1965, Sister Mary Kenneth Keller was one of the first recipients of a doctorate in computer science in the United States.

Carla Meninsky

Hired by the gaming company Atari in 1980, Carla Meninsky designed award winning games before pursuing a career in law.

Maria Klawe

Harvey Mudd College President Dr. Maria Klawe is a gifted computer scientist and artist.

Radia Perlman

You can call Radia Perlman a pioneer in computer science, an visionary in networking, and a innovator in teaching children programming – but don’t call her the “Mother of the Internet”.

Rachel Wilkins Patel

In an effort to use her diverse skill set, Rachel Wilkins Patel founded HER Ideas In Motion to help inspire the next generation.

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