Susan Jane Cunningham

Susan Jane Cunningham was integral to the building of the mathematics and astronomy departments at the newly founded Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania in 1869.

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

Today, meet Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, the woman who changed our view of the universe when the first recipient of the Annie J Cannon Award in Astronomy.

Maria Klawe

Harvey Mudd College President Dr. Maria Klawe is a gifted computer scientist and artist.

Noramay Cadena

This Mother’s Day we celebrate an engineer who earned her degree at MIT while raising her daughter as a single mom, Noramay Cadena.

Jacqueline Barton

Starting in 1985 when she was the first woman to receive the Alan T. Waterman Award, Dr. Jacqueline Barton has been continually honored for her ground breaking work.

Charlotte Angas Scott

Dr. Charlotte Angas Scott spent her lifetime challenging the status quo in regards to women in mathematics and was able to help pave the way for many female mathematicians.

Mary Dixon Kies

On May 5, 1809 Mary Dixon Kies was granted the first American patent given to a woman.

Peg Hunter

Today, we’re celebrating a woman who’s work at ILM helped bring Return of the Jedi to life. Happy Star Wars Day and may the force be with you.

Marleen Sundgaard

Marleen Martinez Sundgaard knew from the age of five she wanted to be an astronaut and has pursued that dream with great drive and passion.

Radia Perlman

You can call Radia Perlman a pioneer in computer science, an visionary in networking, and a innovator in teaching children programming – but don’t call her the “Mother of the Internet”.

Evelyn Boyd Granville

May 1st marks the birthday of mathematician and educator Dr. Evelyn Boyd Granville, a native of Washington D.C., one of the first African-American women to earn a doctorate in mathematics, and computer programmer for various space missions.

Heidi Hammel

Astronomer Heidi Hammel began to love astronomy in college, and now has done extensive studies of Neptune and Uranus.