Valentina Tereshkova

On June 16, 1963, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space.

Shannon Walker

Dr. Shannon Walker is an accomplished astronaut, and she’s also an aquanaut.

Wang Zhenyi

Wang Zhenyi was a Chinese astronomer, mathematician, and poet born in 1768 and despite the social philosophy of the time she was an avid reader and thinker.

Maria Kirch

Maria Kirch is considered the first woman to discover a comet, but for many years her husband took the credit.

Dorothy “Dottie” Lee

Dorothy “Dottie” Lee made her way in a male dominated field to build a celebrated career at NASA.

Gilda Barabino

While working on her doctorate, Dr. Gilda Barabino wanted a career that allowed her to use her education and knowledge to help people, but didn’t want to go the clinical medicine route.

Mica Endsley

Dr. Mica Endsley was the first woman to serve as the Chief Scientist of the United States Air Force.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Male students petitioned to have Elizabeth Garrett removed from their school, but she still went on to become Britain’s first female physician.

Marie Tharp

World Ocean Day is observed on June 8th so today we would like to introduce you to the woman who created the first physiographic maps of the sea floor and co-discovered of the backbone of the Earth.

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

One June 7, 1965, Sister Mary Kenneth Keller was one of the first recipients of a doctorate in computer science in the United States.

Mary Cartwright

Mary Cartwright was one of only five women studying mathematics at Oxford after World War I, and she went on to help found chaos theory.

Marti J. Anderson

A rare combination of what she considers two very different style disciplines, Dr. Marti J. Anderson has found her place bringing together the worlds of ecology and statistical analysis.