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Jeanette E. Brown

Organic medicinal chemist Jeanette Brown is also a historian, author, and advocate for increasing diversity in science.

Pamela Silver

Dr. Pamela Silver is one of the founders of the emerging field of synthetic biology – a interdisciplinary combination of biology and engineering.

Barbara Rothbaum

Dr. Barbara Rothbaum is a pioneer in the use of virtual reality exposure therapy for the treatment of various psychological disorders, focusing primarily on PTSD.

Eugenie Clark

A professor at Columbia University told Eugenie Clark, “If you do finish, you will probably get married, have a bunch of kids, and never do anything in science after we have invested our time and money in you.” After 7 decades of field work with over 175 publications – and raising 4 children – Clark proved him wrong.

Mary Styles Harris

Dr. Mary Styles Harris has spent her career combining her knowledge as a genetics researcher with a drive to provide health care information to minority populations.

Amy F.T. Arnsten

Dr. Amy F.T. Arnsten leads the Arnsten Lab, studying neuroscience at Yale School of Medicine.

Cynthia Rosenzweig

Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig has used her expertise in climatology to help study the impact of climate change on agriculture and cities.

Yvonne Pendleton

Dr. Yvonne Pendleton has spent her career helping us to understand our place in the universe.

Grace Olive Wiley

Grace Wiley believed that with the right methods even the most deadly snakes could be tamed and by speaking to them and handling them with her bare hands she claimed to have tamed over 300 venomous snakes during her career.

Mary L. Good

Mary L. Good was an inorganic chemist who led the American Chemical Society and chaired the board of the National Science Foundation.

Pearl I. Young

Physicist Pearl I. Young was the first woman hired for a technical position at the NACA.

Sally Ride

On June 18th, 1983 Sally Ride became the first American woman in space when she launched on the Space Shuttle Challenger.