Ruth Patrick

Dr. Ruth Patrick contributions to ecology are numerous and include the initiation of the creation of the New Taxon file for the classification of diatoms and the Literature Citation File as a record of the scientific publication pertaining to existing as well as newly named diatoms.

Mary Vaux Walcott

Mary Vaux Walcott was known as the Audubon of botany for her illustrations of North American wildflowers.

Anna Atkins

In 1843, photographer and botanist Anna Atkins became the first person to publish a book illustrated with photographs.

Marianne North

Marianne North rejected the conventions that biological specimens should be painted on simple white backgrounds. Her paintings instead kept the reality of the settings that she observed around the plants.

Ynes Mexia

Ynes Mexia became a botanist at the age of 55, and on her many worldwide expeditions she gathered thousands of specimens.

Pauline Mead Patraw

The first female ranger-naturalist at the Grand Canyon, Pauline Mead Patraw, fell in love with the Canyon on a school trip when she was studying botany.