Tess Russo

Different areas of the world face a variety of problems with their water supplies, and hydrogeologists like Tess Russo are trying to solve them.

Emmy Noether

Today we’re celebrating the birthday of a woman that Einstein called a “creative mathematical genius,” Emmy Noether.

Kathryn “Kitty” Hach Darrow

For World Water Day, we’re learning about a woman who helped use chemistry to bring clean water to the world.

Antonia Maury

Antonia Maury was one of the Harvard “computers,” women who were pioneers in astronomy.

Maud Lenora Menten

Today we celebrate one of the first female doctors born in Canada was also a pioneer in enzyme kinetics and histochemistry, Maud Leonora Menten.

Rachel Wilkins Patel

In an effort to use her diverse skill set, Rachel Wilkins Patel founded HER Ideas In Motion to help inspire the next generation.

Susana Martinez-Conde

On most days, neuroscientist Susana Martinez-Conde works with other scientists. On others, she’s teaming up with magicians and sleight of hand experts.

Katherine Fitzgerald

This St. Patrick’s Day, meet a medical researcher that won the SFI St. Patrick’s Day Science Medal in 2015.

Caroline Hershel

Caroline Herschel discovered eight comets, and was the first professional female astronomer.

Sunetra Gupta

Sources: University of Oxford: Sunetra Gupta Sunetra Gupta’s Website The Life Scientific: Sunetra Gupta See Also: Shooting Stars by Sunetra Gupta and Ted Dewan The Royal Society: Sunetra Gupta

Amy Rowat

It’s Pi Day, and to celebrate we’re introducing you to Dr. Amy Rowat, a UCLA professor who uses food to explain scientific principles.

Deborah Gordon

Think ants are pests that you wish would just go away? Not so fast, Dr. Deborah Gordon thinks that we as humans have a lot to learn from these efficient foragers.